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The BushCat by SkyReach is available as a certified Light Sport aircraft (SLSA). The aircraft is entirely customizable and the standard configuration includes the following: SLSA BushCat - Aircraft grade aluminium tubular frame assembled with Stainless steel joints and grade 8.8 bolts, sail made from Trylam material. Aluminum spring gear (Grove), hydraulic brakes, prop spinner, centre arm-rest with integrated glove compartment, fully enclosed and ventilated engine compartment with firewall, 24 gallon "crack safe" fuel tank with dual pickup,"Comfort flight" seats in black cloth upholstery, height adjustable headrests, height adjustable seats, map pockets in back of seats, full dual controls by means of centrally mounted stick, dual rudder foot controls, dual throttle controls integrated into arm-rests, MGL V6 Transceiver radio, and basic analouge instrument layout (includes ASI, ALT, VSI, Slip Indicator, Compass, engine temperature and pressure monitoring and an ELT).

Power Plant Options

  • Rotax 582 65 hp 2 stroke engine
  • Rotax 912 UL 80 hp engine
  • Rotax 912 ULS 100 hp engine

EFIS Options

We offer an array of MGL Enigma instruments as well as Sandia and Microair T2000 transponders

Other Configurations

Many other custom selections such as taildragger vs. nosewheel configuration, custom color, lighting packages, wheel pants, interior components, parachute packages, cabin heat, etc. BushCat Ready-to-Fly Price List

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